Jared E. Bendis

Jared’s 2012 Holiday Tech Gift Guide!

Jared’s Ultimate Top Tech Holiday Gift Guide – 2012

Back by popular request – Jared’s top 10 holiday tech toy presents.

It is the 2012 holiday present – the new Furby – sure some think they are creepy looking but these new versions can interact with an iOS app and get a distinct personality based on how you raise it! It’s more than a present its a long term commitment!  OWN IT!
I have an Apple TV (and I love it) but the Roku2 HS does what it can’t – it has 1080p and can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu (and Ultraviolet movies), HBO2GO, Epix and more – it even plays Angry Birds! OWN IT!
Kindle Fire HD! It reads books, plays movies, and has apps – easy to use, perfect size and a great price. OWN IT!
The Ultimate Harry Potter Box set, DVD, Bluray, & Streaming Copies!  I put this under tech toys because unlike many other box sets it includes the Ultraviolet streaming copies and that means I can stream them from anywhere and even download them.
The best point and shoot 3D camera on the market – easy to use – and it has a built in 3d screen on the back. It even shoots 3D movies.   OWN IT!
LG has a new line of 3D TVs that use passive (not shutter) glasses. Technically the resolution is less (because it uses half the resolution for each eye) but the glasses are really cheap so that an entire family can afford to watch at one time. This is the 42″ model (Personally I want the 55″ or larger).
Not just for using your phone out in the cold – these gloves allow you to use your iPad without getting fingerprints all over the screen! OWN IT!
The ultimate it camera gadgets – you focus after you shoot. It changes what photography is and the software just keeps getting better! OWN IT!
1080p video recording in your sunglasses – the quality is great and it is easy to use – I even had prescription lenses put in mine! OWN IT!
Nothing is more fun than chasing your cat or dog around the house with an app controlled rover that has a built in video camera. It is major fun. OWN IT!