Jared E. Bendis


These are videos & Prezis of presentations that Jared has given at conferences (both in person and online).
For more context please note the date of the original presentation or his CV located on his Bio page.

A Maze of Twisty Little Passages: Non-Linear Authorship in a Linear World [Prezi] (04/2015)

The Golden Age of Video Games: A New/Old Approach to Video Game Design [Prezi] (11/2014)

The Future Holds No Dignity: The Death of Ethics in the Digital Age [46 min – Audio Only] (10/2009)

Your Video Projects Suck, but That’s OK ’cause So Do Your Papers:  Moderating Student Expectations When Teaching New Media [48 min] (03/2009)

Learning from the Mashup? Are we blending our future or throwing our future in the blender? [38 min] (04/2008)

Digital Tattoos, Digital Hoarding, and Social Networking: Turning Gold into Lead [43 min] (12/2007)

Developing Educational Virtual Worlds with Game Engines  [29 min] (08/2007)

Designing a Portable High Definition Stereoscopic Camera System for Capturing Cultural Content  [13 min] (08/2007)

The Unexpected Artist and Critic [Abridged Preview] [31 min – Audio Only] (10/2006)

Virtual Reality and Art Education: Experiments at the Ingenuity Festival [9 min] (07/2006)

Designing a Multimedia Center for Everyone: The Freedman Center [14 min] (07/2006)

History & Anthropology: The Life and Death of Visual Literacy [26 min] (04/2005)

Virtual Worlds at Case  [20 min]  (11/2004)

Enhancing New Media Virtually: VR Objects, Panoramas and 3D Photography [Prezi] (06/2003)