Jared E. Bendis

Professional Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio! 

This page is designed to highlight some of the projects I have involved with both as teacher & producer as well as both personally & professionally.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask – jaredx2@gmail.com216-288-6349.

I am linking and not embedding the projects as not to kill your browser.

Teaching Portfolio

As a teacher I instruct courses in Educational Technology and Multimedia.
The students in these courses are ‘first timers’ to most types of media and technology (but often accomplished artists in other fields).

How To Videos:

One of my favorite assignments is the instructional – “How to” video.  The goals are very concrete and as I tell the students it is easy to grade – at the end you see if you have learned what they said they would teach you.

How to make an Origami Jumping Frog
This video was created by an Art Education major and I am very proud of both the student and the video.
I usually warn against origami videos as they tend to be boring and ‘doing is not teaching’ but he really created a nice rhythm and it is easy to follow.

How to Make an Accordion Fold Book
Another from an Art Education major a straight forward approach to teaching art using video.

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
This example is from a non-art student and he really worked hard to create a clean and easy to follow video.

How to get to the Ingenuity Festival
A personal exemplar – directions on how to get to the Ingenuity Festival.

Instructional Websites:

Students in Educational Technology create instructional websites that allow a student to teach themselves a lesson via a website.
We use Google Sites for the project, which while simple as a technology, allow the students to focus on information flow and design interactivity.

Intaglio Printmaking with Plexiglass – Drypoint
This website was made by a graduate Art Education student who was teaching printmaking at the time and it gave them the opportunity to revisit their own curricular materials.

Getting Started: The Early Phases of the Writing Process
Create by an undergraduate student, this website on how to write a thesis statement is one I actually send to my writing students – it is both informative and written in a voice that they can relate well to.

Interactive Media:

Every so often I teach an advance project in Interactive Media.
The examples shown use the Pachyderm authoring tool – I was a member of the Pachyderm Development Council.

Wally’s Messy Masterpiece
Inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure novels a student created using all original art.
Note the balance of page turning and decision making!

Another student chose to create a more investigative instructional module on backpacking.

Lunch Out
An exemplar I usewWhen teaching Interactive/Non-linear media – I recently re-wrote it using Google Sites.


At times I am asked to advise on student projects.
These projects are usually by very advanced, talented, and highly motivated students.
For both of theses examples my role was to offer critical guidance and often to help road-map their objectives on projects that were well underway.

The Bridge
A game made in the style  of (and a tribute to) M.C. Escher.
I advised the artist.

Designed to be an ‘epic’ web comic produced as a series.
I advised the artist on both character and story issues.

Professional Portfolio

Work Videos:

As part of my job duties I often help to coordinate and produce materials.
Like the student work they tend to be low-budget almost solo endeavors – but still effective in their messages.

The Parthenon Project
This project was conceived by Professor Jenifer Neils of the Art History department as a way of engaging students in a hands-on research project involving re-staging the figures of the Parthenon Frieze, the final product was a website and a 15 minute video that has been shown at several festivals. I helped to coordinate the project and served as the films director, videographer, and editor.

A Kelvin Smith Library Adventure
As a lark we created this short film as a throwback to the age of silent cinema.

Freeman Center Infomercial
While the production of this video is cheesy and silly (both intentionally so) it gives an accurate representation of the media center that I helped to design and run for many years.

Museum Projects:

By special arrangement with Case Western Reserve University, I worked half time for two years at the Cleveland Museum of Art as their Virtual Reality Specialist.
We did many experiments in VR and Museum Education including a hologram, several stereoscopic videos, and an autostereoscopic (3D without the glasses) animation.
These experiments were presented at ACM SIGGRAPH – a PDF article is herea 2006 video presentation is herea 2007 video presentation is here.

In 2010 I was hired by FRAME (the French Regional & American Museum Exchange) to go to Dijon, France to capture and create VR object of the 39 Dijon mourners.  The 3 day shoot involved over 15,000 images and over 1.8TB of raw data!  The website was moved to a new server and a lot of the functionality is gone (and is being repaired) but I include here a local sample of one of the mourners.


I am co-owner of Lemming Labs an app development company for iOs and Android.
We have many apps available but I am most proud of Mandalas a Kaleidoscopic Drawing app which is available for both iOs and Android (on Google, Amazon, and B&N).

Installation Artist:

I also work as an installation artist creating attendee driven interactive experiences for festival goers such as Hands-Across & The Digital Kaleidoscopic Mandala Project.

My most recent project – Treasure of the Wumpus in the Azmith Cave is a single seat, user controlled, light-proof, sound-proof, 5.1 surround sound hendecagonal prism (11 sided room) designed for interactive experiences which alas doesn’t translate well for online viewing.

Summary of the Hands-Across Installation by Jared Bendis

The Digital Kaleidoscopic Mandala Project