Jared E. Bendis

TV & Radio

In February of 2011 90.3 WCPN’s Dee Perry invited Jared to come on her show “Around Noon (now the Sound of Applause)” for a little tech-talk and she has been inviting him back regularly as her ‘resident tech guru’. In November of 2011 she invited Jared onto her WVIZ/PBS show “Applause” and in February added a segment entitled “Bits & Bytes with Jared Bendis”.

Below are the links to the archives of these shows.

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Applause – TV:

Cleveland Print Room, Asian Art debuts at CMA’s new West Wing Gallery and Tech Guru Jared Bendis (2/13/2014)

Beyond the Dish; Masterpiece Presents Downton Abbey; Tech Guru Jared Bendis (1/2/2014)

Artist Jeff Suntala, ‘Fragments of the Invisible’ at CMA and Tech Guru Jared Bendis (11/21/2013)

Bits & Bytes with Jared Bendis: Mac vs Windows (04/12/2012)

Bits & Bytes with Jared Bendis: What is the Internet? (02/23/2012)

Holiday Photos and Videos (01/05/2012)

Monetizing on the Internet (11/03/2011)

The Sound of Ideas – Radio/TV Stream:

New Tech Brings Convenience, Privacy Concerns (1/28/2014)

Technology & Privacy (9/3/2013)

Password Overload (6/24/2013)

Gone and Mostly Forgotten (1/15/2013)

The Sound of Applause (formerly Around Noon) – Radio:

Jared Bendis, Jessica Fellowes and ‘Hot Djang’ (02/14/2014)

Jared Bendis, Humble G and Gaetano’s Underworld Blues Band (01/23/2014)

‘Annie’, Jared Bendis and Bobby Jackson (12/11/2013)

Marin Alsop, Jared Bendis and Jason Lawhead (11/26/2013)

Jared Bendis, Laura Kepley and Karamu House (10/9/2013)

Susan Tedeschi, Angelo Merendino and Jared Bendis (9/11/2013)

Shivering Timbers, Jared Bendis, Mark Masuoka (8/7/2013)

Around Noon: Open Air! (6/27/2013)

‘Rusted Heart Broadcast’, Wild Belle and Jared Bendis (5/29/2013)

‘California Masterworks’, Jared Bendis and West Shore Chorale (4/29/2013)

BW Beatles, The Newberry Consort and Jared Bendis (3/20/2013)

Grace Kelly, Lou Ragland and Jared Bendis (2/13/2013)

Michael Ruhlman, Jared Bendis and ‘Writing Against Time’ (1/22/2013)

Holiday Tech Show (12/18/2012)

David Pogue (11/15/2012)

Lori Triplett, Jared Bendis and City Club Centennial (10/17/2012)

Lombardi, Jared Bendis, Mary Davis and Road Trip! (09/12/2012)

Sharon Van Etten, Roar Along the Shore and Jared Bendis (08/22/2012)

ChamberFest Cleveland, Peter Walker, Jared Bendis and Road Trip!  (06/27/2012)

Around Noon: Open Air! (06/7/2012)

‘To The Arctic’, Jared Bendis and Pink Martini (05/7/2012)

Art Interprets Alzheimer’s, Jared Bendis and ‘Being Elmo’ (04/4/2012)

‘Memphis’ The Musical, Jared Bendis and CSU Theater (02/29/2012)

Jared Bendis, Dan Chaon and Bardstock F.M. (01/24/2012)

Holiday Tech Show (12/12/2011)

Steve Jobs, Richard Thompson and “Waiting for Lefty” (10/06/2011)

Ingenuity 2011 (09/14/2011)

Chris Hodgson, Jared Bendis and Neil Jacobs (08/10/2011)

Fitz and The Tantrums, Doris O’Donnell and Jared Bendis (07/05/2011)

Head for the Hills, Jared Bendis and Food Trucks (06/06/2011)

The Daily Show, Jared Bendis & James Feddeck (04/27/2011)

Jared Bendis, Imani Winds and John Simna (03/28/2011)

Paula McLain, Jared Bendis & Great Lakes Theater Festival (02/28/2011)

Other Around Noon Appearances:

The Bridge Project (at 21:45 and 25:10) (09/23/2009)

Ingenuity Fest 2008 (at 23:07) (09/24/2008)