Jared E. Bendis

Jared’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Back by popular demand – Jared’s favorite holidays toys for 2014.

Some are new releases – some are classics and some are just great gift giving opportunities.

Descriptions coming soon – I will try and indicate along the way if I own the item (or one similar). Enjoy!

Brainwave Emotion Controlled Cat Ears

Toys that Move

Bone Inductions Headphones


Muppet Whatnot



Retro Gaming

Food Technology

Building Toys

Board(ish) Games

Media Subscriptions

A gift that keeps on giving is a media subscription!

Everyone who gets it loves their Netflix – tons of movies and TV shows and it even allows multiple people per account:

Hulu is great for current TV but you get a lot more (including the ability to stream to a device) with Hulu+. Please note – even with Hulu+ you have to watch commercials:

Amazon Prime has a variety of TV shows and movies (no commercials) but it doesn’t include everything that Amazon streams. It does come with free 2 night shipping and a very discounted overnight shipping on a lot of Amazon shopping so it is a great service:

Playstation Plus


TV Toys

Camera Fun

High End Toys

I love my toys – and these are the crazy big ones – and I own all three. The DJI Phantom is the fun and easy to use quadcopter that really packs a punch. Goes very well with a GoPro camera. If you want to start in the 3D printing world – I say jump in with a Makerbot Replicator 2 (sure the 2x has more features – but it is harder to use) – and the Makerbot Digitizer which keeps getting better and better – the new software allows for multiple passes and is the perfect compliment to any 3D printer.

There ya go – my top tech suggestions for 2014! Did I miss anything – email me and I might just add it to the list – Jaredx2@gmail.com!